Hair loss follows a pattern that is the result of the combination of your genes and factors such as the environment and your lifestyle. Currently, the most efficient way to combat androgenetic alopecia is early diagnosis.

Through a genetic test you can predict the risk you have of presenting some form of alopecia in order to receive a specific treatment that helps you prevent it.

“DNA hair diagnosis” is a genetic test for the diagnosis of alopecia and has the following characteristics:

  • It is a non-invasive method. It is performed with a sample of saliva, blood and / or hair follicle.
  • Provides information based on scientific and clinical evidence. This diagnostic test analyzes a set of 60 genes that are involved with alopecia and its progression.
  • Lets predict the risk you have of developing some form of alopecia.
  • It contributes to the selection of a specific treatment for your genetic profile.
  • It provides the patient with additional indicators of well-being as well as other related pathologies.
  • Information completely confidential.