The most common is that it is removed from the side and back of the head, but can be extracted from other parts of the body where there is hair (back, chest, etc.).

The number of follicular units is done individually in each person, since it depends on the extent of baldness, the thickness of the hair, the density of the donor area and the appropriate hair design.

Once the local anesthesia is applied, the patient will not have pain.

No, since it is an outpatient surgery and the patient does not require hospitalization.

It depends on the technique used. In the case of the FUE technique, the extractions are individually so the scar is imperceptible, but in the case of the FUSS technique or strip, if there is a visible scar if the hair is too short, since a scar is removed scalp band from the back of the head.

A rest of 2 or 3 days after the intervention is recommended.

It can be used from day 8 or 9 after transplantation.

It is recommended 15 days to a month depending on the case of the patient and the type of sport that is practiced.

The hair that is implanted lasts for a lifetime.

The transplanted hair will have the same growth as any other healthy hair.

The definitive results are observed from 10 to 12 months.

In general there is no pain after surgery. But if you had, your doctor will tell you some common pain reliever to go away.

No, there are cases in which it is contraindicated, so every patient should always be evaluated individually by a professional expert in the field.