Stem Cells in Hair Follicles: The Hair Clock and Its Influence on Hair Health

Stem Cells in Hair Follicles: Bulb and Outer Bulb, The Hair Clock and Its Impact on Hair Growth, Stem Cell Dysregulation and Hair Disorders, Future Advances: Stem Cell-Based Hair Therapies.

The science behind hair growth and related conditions has evolved tremendously in recent years. In this article, we will explore a fundamental component: stem cells in hair follicles. These cells, present in two subpopulations, play a crucial role in the hair cycle and their dysregulation underlie the onset of hair diseases.

Stem Cells in Hair Follicles: Bulb and Outer Bulb

Within hair follicles, two types of stem cells can be found: outer bulb stem cells and dermal papilla stem cells. The former reside in the outer bulb, while the latter are located in the inner bulb. These stem cells play a leading role in generating new hair, as they coordinate the hair cycle and give rise to the cells that form the hair.

Microbiota varies from person to person and even within different body parts. We know that the hair follicle, especially the infundibulum is highly rich in microbiota and immune system cells. Alterations in microbiota concentrations and distributions may cause inflammation and damage to the infundibulum, deriving potentially in hair pathologies.

The Hair Clock and Its Impact on Hair Growth

The hair clock is a metaphor used to describe the hair cycle and consists of the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. During the anagen phase, stem cells in the bulb become active, leading to hair growth. As the cycle progresses, these cells enter a resting period in the catagen phase, and finally, in the telogen phase, mature hair is shed, restarting the cycle.

Stem Cell Dysregulation and Hair Disorders

Precise communication between stem cells and other cell populations is essential. Dysregulation of this communication can lead to hair disorders and trigger hair loss. Understanding these imbalances is crucial for developing effective treatments.

Future Advances: Stem Cell-Based Hair Therapies

The constantly expanding knowledge of stem cells in hair follicles has opened exciting doors in hair therapy. Scientists are exploring how to manipulate these stem cells to boost hair growth in individuals with hair issues. Stem cell therapy and tissue engineering offer promising solutions to address alopecia and baldness.

Stem cells in hair follicles are crucial pieces in the puzzle of hair growth and related diseases. The hair clock guides the hair cycle, while dysregulation can trigger hair problems. As we advance in understanding these processes, stem cell-based therapies present a promising future in the fight against alopecia and baldness.

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